Who We Are

Marky was founded by a diverse team of successful professionals from some of the most creative organizations of the last decade. And while that’s great, we are even more proud of the fact that each of us are parents. We believe deeply in the power of the arts, but as busy working parents we know firsthand how hard it is to find great, high-quality creative experiences - not to mention the time it takes to do them!

We started this company with two very important goals in mind. We hope that Markybox will provide a better way for kids to express and grow their creativity amidst the chronic underfunding of arts education across the country as well as help families create more meaningful moments by enjoying quality time together, unplugged and uninterrupted.

We believe that it is more important than ever for kids to expand their imaginations, build their confidence, and discover new ways to express themselves. The benefits and transferrable skills of regular creative exercise are critical building blocks for addressing the complex challenges facing future generations. We want all kids and families to get these benefits no matter where they are. See how we are working towards access to free, quality arts education for all.

We hope you share our belief in creativity and passion for making. Join the Marky community to create a more imaginative world for our kids--together!

Meet Our Founders

Brooke Kanter is an art enthusiast and mother of two girls who founded the renowned fundraising event K.A.M.P (Kids Art Museum Project) to benefit family arts programs at the UCLA Hammer Museum. She is passionate about working with artists and ensuring that children and families everywhere have access to art and creativity.

Glenn Kaino is the father of two girls, and loves making art projects. In fact, he’s managed to make a career out of it, and shows regularly at museums around the country as a contemporary artist.

Sue Bell Yank is the mother of two girls and a museum educator, arts writer, and former elementary school teacher. Her mission in life is to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality art and arts education.